Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Artist Proposals: Palm Beach State Art Gallery: Lake Worth

If you're an artist and make really nice work then I want to hear from you. As you may know I am a  Professor at Palm Beach State College. Recently I was asked to take over the art gallery on our Lake Worth Campus. I am so excited to help develop the arts in South Florida. So excited! And if you're an artist in South Florida and you would the opportunity to exhibit your work in a gallery please contact me (at work). And yes I work in a really cool building. So great telling people "look for the building with the big purple triangle".

And if you're saying "awww, I don't live in South Florida" don't despair! If you think you'd be able to ship work, safely and easily. That's cool too. But I do know local can be easier setting up. We artists have to look out for one another.

Exhibition Opportunity: South Florida Artists
The Gallery at Lake Worth, Palm Beach State is accepting artist submissions to exhibit in the gallery. Solo and group exhibitions. Email digital submissions to Victoria Martin: Please include Art Gallery or Artist Submission in the subject line.
Or snail-mail: Victoria Martin
4200 Congress Ave., MS# 15,  Lake Worth, FL 33461.

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