Sunday, December 27, 2015

New Heads

When I screw up I always try to find the sunny side. A few weeks ago I was making a head and it just looked goofy, so in disgust I  flattened it and something funny happened; I liked it. (it was this head)

Then I made a second head and I smashed it flat too (it was this one)
And then I gave her a flower in her hair. Then I called in my husband as I often do and said "opinion?" He liked them too. I tend to be tight with my art but with these I am quite loose.
 And they're really fun to make. I get to smash  them and make them weird.
Don't worry, I even made a salt and pepper set. I am still making my crazy dolls. But these I am going to explore some more. New things just in time for New Year.

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