Sunday, July 5, 2015

Working While I am Away From Home

I wrote a blog entry today for Create Mixed Media. It's all about how I needed to challenge myself to make an piece of art while away. We've been in Ireland and leave for England tomorrow. Every year it's the same. Sobbing as I clean my studio and know I won't be working for a whole month. But not this summer.
 I made two doll heads and body parts out of fabric. I have a ziplock bag full of needle, thread and embroidery floss. I took pictures of the pieces in our hotel room. They came with me and it took a little planning and making lists but I did it.
Making art is a passion. I love it. Live for it and maybe I'll make something that'll lead me down a new road. Watch to see what becomes of these little lasses.


Crazy for Art said...

Have fun Victoria! Love your big pieces in the post before this one.:-)

Leanne E said...

Have an amazing time! I sure the girls will have a lot to say when they get home :)