Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Hobby Horse Sculptures

I have barely had time to be in the studio, barely. Why? Because we're redoing out kitchen. I've been told on average people do it twice in their lives, do you know why? BECAUSE IT SUCKS!
Despite the kitchen drama, here are my latest babies. Hobby Horse riding. I am exploring softer colors, and not as intense. What do you think?


Leanne E said...

Hope that the reno's go well-- is it moving time or are you falling in love with the house all over again :)

Victoria said...

ha ha! It's like that show on HGTV love it or list it. Let me say that I think stores like the Home Depot and builders should carry divorce lawyer cards too. Ugh! But it's getting better and we're still married through the kitchen redo. If you EVER hear me mention a new kitchen at any point in my life... kick me.
Hope you are well too and feeling better. Much love to you!!