Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Peanut Pal

I know they've got a bad reputation as bullies, but I enjoy supplying peanuts to this little gray squirrel just outside my studio window.

 and off she goes. The best part is when she stares in the window at me wanting more.


Leanne E said...

The thing that drives me crazy about them here is that they dig holes literally everywhere-- not just in my beds, even all over my lawn! Physically though, they are amazing (almost monkey-like) are vegetarian and they don't spread diseases-- too cute to want to remove from the scene, but someone should teach them some manners :)

Victoria said...

I know, this one chases off another hungry squirrel. She was like a demon and then she came back to stare in my window all innocent looking.

and they're really dumb in traffic. (road pizza)