Friday, October 12, 2012

Ricë and upcoming articles

It's been a busy few weeks here. My interview with the amazing Ricë Freeman Zachary who is just the easiest person to talk to. Honestly, I am so relaxed talking to her even though we've never met face to face I feel like I've known her forever. Thanks to Ricë I am going to be posting how to market yourself as an artist on Create Mixed Media. If you're an artist and not sure how to get your name out there please check them out. They'll be appearing in November so watch for those.

I've also had several galleries picking up work, some new prospects like Meeka Gallery in Boise, Idaho. So if you're near Boise, please visit the new gallery. Visit my kids, make sure they're not too lonely without me. My pieces at the Clay Studio in Philadelphia sold out so I have to ship 5 more. 

And I've just restocked Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery in Lake Worth. It was looking a bit sparse, my apologies. But you'll find a lot more goodies on the shelf. Florida Craftsmen Gallery, you're next.

The piece accompanying this entry can be seen in the display case at Clay Glass Metal Stone. So if you're in the neighborhood please stop by and check out the new work. Happy Friday to all!!


Leanne E said...

So glad to hear that your "kids" have all found new nests from the Clay Gallery :) I listened to a few snippets from your podcast-- how did I not know that you were a teacher? Anyway, I will continue to appreciate your lovely work and will pass along your podcast link to a few artist friends. Have a great lead up to Halloween! Would love to see some wall art of your girls with masks, just saying :)

Victoria said...

Yes, I am a professor by day artist by night. Funny enough, I used to do a lot of pieces with bird masks. Hm.. you know how impressionable I am. Keep your eyes open for those.

Leanne E said...

I most certainly will! Happy creating :)