Saturday, January 21, 2012

Great Opening Night at Greg Mangum

I am happy to report that last night was amazing at Greg Mangum Gallery. A great turn out and a lot of red dots (if you're in the biz you know when a piece sells it gets a red dot sticker). It was really great having the opportunity to speak with old friends and collectors who I am sure will become new friends. I also want to tell my friend Victoria that when I left at 10 pm the sculpture 3 Legged Race was still without a red dot... keep your fingers crossed!

I shot these pictures when there was a lull in the crowd. And if you haven't attended an Island City Art walk in Wilton Manners I highly recommend it. It was a great vibe with throngs of people popping in and out of galleries, shops and boutiques that were hosting events. I was really impressed.

And a big thanks to Greg and Ken for all they have done to promote my art. Be sure to stop by the gallery, the show will be up for a few weeks. By the way Greg and Ken are both really talented artists. They'll be in Key West next weekend for an art show. One day I hope to get my hands on one of Greg's bird paintings. (I love the big colorful crow painting). And speaking of arts hows, I am on my way to Art Palm Beach; inspiration here I come!

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