Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, New Work

I just took this picture of my studio table. I just changed the paper and turned the Roomba loose so the place is presentable again. That is until I start yanking out bottles of glaze.

I decided to try a terra cotta body for a change. The work is for the Mad Hatter Tea Pot show to be held in March at the Armory Art Center. Each piece has an Alice in Wonderland vibe. The large piece is Alice's head with a flamingo and the two smaller pieces are Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb in top hat tea cups.


Oconeepotter said...


Love your work! I just hearted your new pieces on etsy. I think they will fly out of there! Interesting that you will be in a show with Debra Fritts...took a workshop from her a couple of years ago and it has influenced my work to no end. I see some influences in your work from her too??? or not?

I have a question. This post mentions a roomba..Does it really work well in the studio> I use a shop vac but generally they throw up more dust than they pick up...does the roomba work really well?

I will have to start following your blog! I just started a blog- beyond the corporate life, but it is just for writing practice so far.

Oconeepotter said...

oh and thanks! I always hit send too soon!