Friday, March 1, 2013

What a Mess

Holy crap. I have to clean my studio. Look at what happens when I am ready to load a kiln. This week I was really pushing myself to work. Making 6 salt and pepper sets, 8 wall pieces (two of them are doubles), I glazed 27 coffee mugs for a charity event at South Shores Tavern here in Lake Worth, and one large winged boy all this week. My studio is a mess. I can't move, seriously I am relegated to putting work on the chair. Look at the tops of large figures stashed under my table. Open glaze bottles everywhere. Ugh, glaze on the floor. So dirty.

3 of the pieces on the wall are commissions and I haven't had time to photograph and list on Etsy. Can't focus until I clean. Are you like that too? It's like cleaning my space clears my mind.

Good news the kiln is loaded and I'll have some new work to show hopefully on Sunday. If the kiln Gods smile upon me).


Leanne E said...

Hoping they will smile in a sunshiny way :)

Victoria said...

The kiln Gods gave me big cheesy smiles. The very best kind. Unloading again today, wait til you see the little babies I have coming (once again come on kiln Gods). I am so excited to see them, it's like Christmas morning.